The Night Shift: Flexible Hours Sleep Cycle (No. 2)

A female colleague of mine and I share a similar dream. We plan to move but discover a hidden section of the house, which entices us to stay where we are. The new section is sometimes filled with lovely furniture and so grand, so spacious that we needn’t use the rest of the building (if it’s a building) at all. Sometimes, though, the newly discovered space appears to be not quite so perfect. It’s dusty, or there’s too much furniture. Still, it can be used for brief escapes or special events. If this is practice, it’s of patience, waiting for surprise happiness to occur in the present situation rather than searching for it. Surely my colleague and I aren’t the only persons to have this dream, but I haven’t read about it in any reader-friendly books on common dreams and their interpretation.


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One Response to The Night Shift: Flexible Hours Sleep Cycle (No. 2)

  1. Renee says:

    You know, I can totally understand the waiting for something grand to happen. 🙂 Happiness right around the corner. I love your blog, btw.


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