Believing in angels or just other species

Last November, one of the Kansas City Star‘s sidebar items was “Deep-Sea Discovery,” which noted results of the current census of marine life: “17,650 species living below 656 feet.” Since I’m not a scientist and not hampered or blessed with expert information, I extrapolate from such figures. How many species haven’t been identified? how far below 656 feet did they investigate? If that many visible species live in that environment, how many are not visible? If every bit of space around us (or on us) is populated with something living, how could the universe be empty? Among the species awaiting us, or mingling with us, might be creatures we can’t see. That’s no more difficult to imagine than are nutrinos(trillions of which pass through us all the time), dark matter, black holes, and a universe still expanding, light from the creation still reaching us.


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