Yea! Brown Mountain Lights Under Study

The Brown Mountain Lights sighted in North Carolina’s Linville Gorge are prompting investigation. They may be “ball lighting,” according to astronomy professor Daniel Caton in “Mystery of the Orbs,” a report by Associated Press’s Tom Breen (Kansas City StarFebruary 27, 2012, A2). Similar lights have been observed for years in southeast Missouri, in the Crowley Ridge area around Dexter and Bloomfield, but seen primarily in the lower land cleared of cypress in the early 1900s. People living there were called “swamp angels.” The lights were called marsh gas, and were very common. They followed varying paths. My mother recalls one of them entering the open back window of a car one evening, traveling with her and the driver for a while, then floating on out the other window. No conversation. I would like to see one now, up close, but I don’t want to go looking all alone. I am so appreciative of the renewed interest and budding research.


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4 Responses to Yea! Brown Mountain Lights Under Study

  1. Michele says:

    So very interesting!


  2. Michele says:

    How interesting!


  3. Chanda says:

    Love these kind of things! Jim has told me about the world famous "Marfa Lights" in Texas, but I've never seen them. I would like to go "hunting" them with you sometime, but of course, the cats make that a bit of a problem! Is there anything around here we could go look for? I have heard that there is a tombstone in the Leeton cemetary that glows at night, from no discernable source. It was reported in a book on Missouri hauntings as the Warrensburg cemetary, but Art at Java Junction told me it was actually in Leeton. (Because I had been looking in Warrnesburg at night as I drove past.) We could go look for that.


    • rmkinder says:

      I only this morning saw this comment! Of course we should go looking for marshlights or for the glowing headstone. Either one is more appealing right now than revising a dead book. If reviving it were possible, I’d have a little heart.


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