The Web Ghosts

I’ve delved into the other world pretty heavily the past three years, researching ghosts, angels, demons, and the signatures of each.  These are subjects that require some delicacy in introducing, but I’ve found that most people, even dinner-companion strangers, have had experiences they would like to share and welcome the opportunity to talk.

Ghosts, according to most of these sources, account for cold spots in the house, cold drafts, doors opening and closing, devices turned on and off, footsteps where no one is, voices—including sobs and singing—in empty rooms, transported or missing objects, shadowy figures and the distinct shadow people (small, often darting around and observing), transparent shapes, unaccounted-for scents such as perfume or liquor, thrown objects, coins of a particular date, and touches and pinches.  While there are many more signs, these are the common ones.

One sign was unique—a web ghost, a fine web a person walks into, or feels on clothing, hands, face, objects. It can be brushed away, but cannot be seen. In this case, the number of webs gradually increased and became so many that the resident had the house cleansed—not exorcised.  It took three cleansings, but the webs disappeared. “They were dark ghosts,” the resident said. “Harmful ones.”

They sound harmful. Nothing about them seems human, not even a little essence of human.

Most of the people I interviewed didn’t mind sharing their homes with ghosts. They had ways of coming to some understanding with the other inhabitant (a later post). I doubt anyone would want to live with these web creatures. I also doubt they’re ghosts.




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3 Responses to The Web Ghosts

  1. Hey I wanted to share this TedTalk that I found that relates to your blog post. Kinda funny.


  2. Never heard of “web ghosts” although people often report the sensation.


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