Charlie Beljan’s Panic Attack

Panic attacks, they say, last only twenty minutes. Those of us who suffer them will recognize Charlie Beljan‘s  long agony that didn’t stop him from succeeding. I have great sympathy and admiration for the guy. Sticking it out is so tough. It’s a different kind of victory.


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2 Responses to Charlie Beljan’s Panic Attack

  1. Anonymous says:

    Every time I hear someone say, “It’s all in your head,” I cringe. The physical aspects of anxiety are life threatening — they cost people jobs, self-esteem, and compromise the immune system. How talented must he be to be able to perform with the best under the worst conditions. Even though he won this battle, what does the future hold? I have read many fictional accounts of “heroes” fighting off their fear of heights, or snakes, but it seldom reaches the reality described here. Great article.


  2. rmkinder says:

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve had the same advice you’ve had. Panic attacks can make you a prisoner.


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