Asperatus Clouds Photo by Witta Priest

I just visited a favorite site, Astronomy Picture of the Day, and was awed by a photo of Asperatus Clouds above New Zealand , taken by Witta Priest. I’m glad to have been introduced to them in photo form first, because in real presence, they might have brought me to my knees.  They remind me of God and of William Blake (in that order) , and the Aurora Borealis in a far more somber tone.  The caption includes mention of other types of clouds and winds, all of which sound mysterious and worth learning about. Witta Priest is on Flickr, by the way. (I can’t get the link functioning; sorry.)


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3 Responses to Asperatus Clouds Photo by Witta Priest

  1. Cate Morris says:

    thanks for sharing this… I went to the sight, saw some other formations I havve never seen before!


  2. Deb says:

    Wow — those clouds don’t look real. I must say, though, Rose Marie, that your poetic words worked as much magic on me as that amazing image. I hope you’re writing like mad . . . I feel the current in you!


  3. Baird Brock says:

    Wonderful cornrow clouds. Beautiful.


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