Sacrificing Carie Charlesworth

Holy Trinity School in the San Diego Diocese has fired teacher Carie Charlesworth because her abusive ex-husband poses a threat to students and staff at the school. He is presently incarcerated, but he’ll be out soon. They haven’t offered her another position, or help finding one, or even protection.

Admittedly, if I had a child at that school, I would be terribly alarmed. I would expect the school and authorities to provide protection against this man–but for all staff and students. To end the employment of a mother with four children is cruel and absurd. It puts her and her children in more danger. It also sends terrible messages, among them that it’s all right to punish a victim to save other victims and all right to pass a danger on to the next person.

I’m sure the administrators who fired Carie and removed her children from the school are good men. They’re caught in a terrible situation and probably making the only decision they have found feasible. It’s the wrong decision. Maybe with publicity and public outcry, better advice and better action will be quickly forthcoming. More than prayer is surely available.
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2 Responses to Sacrificing Carie Charlesworth

  1. My first thought on reading the first line of this post (although I knew about the situation vaguely before from the news) was, “Oh, that’ll help.” Like she can help her abusive ex-husband. I understand that the administrators involved have a responsibility to the children and others on site. But I am tired of organizations not having a responsibility to the people who work for them. There were so many other options, such as a leave of absence, or something less permanent. Instead, their decision was — “People are at risk here, therefore we have to decide who gets pushed out of the lifeboat so others can be safe. You, girl, you’ve been elected. Sayanora, and don’t write if you get work.” This world is a mess, and it will continue to be one as long as we think it’s acceptable to treat anybody this way, just to save our own skins.


  2. rmkinder says:

    Well expressed. I’m in agreement, as you know.Thanks.


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