Good Jack Hanna (a repost)

I’ve always liked Jack Hanna. He’s humorous, intelligent, camera proof, and animal lover extraordinaire. He was and is terribly shaken by the killing of Marius, the two-year old giraffe in the Copenhagen Zoo whose genes weren’t unique enough to warrant providing him with food and shelter for life or allowing anyone else to save him. (He might accidentally get sent where he would mingle with a close relative and weaken the bloodlines of zoo giraffes world over.) On CNN, Hanna condemned the act and ranked the images of Marius being killed, dismembered, and fed to lions as among the most shocking of his life. The Columbia Dispatch gives a full report of Hanna’s position.It includes his determination not to have anything to do with the Copenhagen zoo or with any zoo or organization that would support such action. He was willing to buy the animal, to provide it a place. What passion and commitment. I know there are thousands of people who match him in those traits but don’t have the money to act as he could have.

Every time I learn of some horrendous act, I wish I were a hardier and more daring person, one who would become an activist in at least one cause. Instead, I give dribbles of money here and there, avoid certain pictures and articles and documentaries. I take care of my few pets, stand up for animal hoarders (as long as they can care for the creatures). I pray, and lament, and I love people who do better than I do–Jack Hanna, for sure. (This is a repost of a post to on February 11, 2014.)


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2 Responses to Good Jack Hanna (a repost)

  1. jdebat says:

    Your last paragraph describes my feelings also. I want to make a difference but I feel I’m too tenderhearted to become an activist. The article about the Copenhagen Zoo sickened me, as it would any animal lover, but I felt almost traumatized after reading it. I don’t want to use my feelings as an excuse for doing nothing, but I don’t know how to make a difference, without going crazy in the process. I wanted to comment to let you know that you are not alone. Doing something to make a difference, no matter how small, is still better than doing nothing.


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