Music Behind Bud Ad: Passenger (a repost)

The best part of the Budweiser commercial “Puppy Love” is the music behind it: “Let Her Go,” performed by Michael David Rosenberg, a British singer and songwriter, stage name Passenger. ( He has a Facebook page and his tunes are on You Tube.) Since I can’t listen to music when I’m working, I often discover wonderful musicians by sort of overhearing them—in restaurants, in the background of a television show someone else is watching. With Google as a tool, and armed with one line of lyrics or the title of the show, I can track down the musicians. Once I thought I recognized a musical voice behind action in “The Deadliest Catch,” typed up a question, and proved myself right. Great feeling.

I would like to describe Passenger’s voice, but I can’t do it justice. Here’s the YouTube Link. I can’t make the hyperlink above work. (This was originally posted on in 2013.)


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