Flying in Dreams and Elsewhere

Most of my life I couldn’t fly in dreams. This was puzzling and frustrating because my mother could float in dreams and always escape from physical threat by simply staying inches ahead of it. She wouldn’t know escape was possible until it was underway, and even then she couldn’t totally relax, because whatever chased was so very close. She learned, though, to trust the floating once it began.

When I read that a person could learn to manipulate dreams, I decided to learn to float or, better yet, to fly. Eventually, I could remind myself while sleeping to try to fly. When it first happened, the act was itself more terrifying than the threat prompting it (I can’t recall the threat). I was more thrown into the air than self-lifted, and each change of direction was angular and extremely quick. I felt like a ping-pong ball. But I was elated at the new skill–in sleep only, but still, a skill I wanted. It occurred to me that perhaps two unseen players were slinging me around (in my psyche, they would have been God and Satan), but I had sought the ability and willed it.  My choice.

I have learned to control flight so it is now more a dart. Since I am a quick person that style is understandable.  But I can also glide. That came only recently and was, and is, very welcome! The other night, I was visiting an elementary school (in my dreams). I was scheduled to make a presentation and wanted to look over the room and the set-up before the presentation.  I started walking toward the corridor and then, comfortable and happy, I just began gliding. I could glide on my stomach or on my back.  I passed a teacher and she smiled pleasantly at me. I love some of my dreams. That was a good one.

Today, on Facebook, I came upon a video of Christopher Walken in which his flight (either during sleep or waking, and who knows which it really is) was much like my newest ability. I thought, Ah. I know how that feels. The video, if anyone wants to see it, is on YouTube

My goal now is to refine the gliding and then, eventually, learn to fly outside the dream.


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One Response to Flying in Dreams and Elsewhere

  1. e.j. says:

    Dang, you fly in your dreams, and I can’t even get my feet to move when I’m dreaming. Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong.

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