I’m Voting for Hillary, but Speaking Now for Trump

Donald Trump’s statement a decade ago doesn’t offend me any more than similar language in contemporary times. I don’t like certain words used about women or their anatomy whether the words are in print, in movies, from rock stars, actors, friends, colleagues, or family. I protest them. But I’m more afraid of and ashamed of those people who speak the language of propriety, morality and moderation, and behave in contradiction to what they profess and appear to be.  We’ve had them in the White House and in other public offices.  So, while I agree that Trump isn’t qualified by experience or personal nature to be president of the United States, I believe he’s a man who is as he appears, and there’s comfort in that. I know what I’m voting against. As for his attitude toward women, I pay close attention to his daughter, Ivanka.


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2 Responses to I’m Voting for Hillary, but Speaking Now for Trump

  1. Bill Clinton told Jennifer Flowers that Hillary had eaten more p#ssie than he had. They are all disgusting! And Hillary helped smear any woman that accused Bill of molesting them. Bad times we live in.


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