Little Gift Shop on the Square

Today, avoiding computer work, I visited a new feature at the Johnson County (Missouri) Historical Society: a little gift shop succinctly packed into the space between the Main Museum and the Smiser Heritage Library, and taking half of a tiny north entryway.


Donna Holt in Little Gift Shop on the Square

Three glass countercases, with shelves, and two huge glass wall-cabinets display varied lovely and interesting  items for sale. The Shop is open Monday-Saturday, 1-4.

I bought a porcelain bell handpainted by Annette Scroggs. She’s a neighbor of mine, an artist (watercolor, china- painting, tatting, etc.),       writer, and pianist. She writes shut-ins and servicemen, reads for the blind, sets up displays at fairs and new stores and celebrations, sells cards, and sells short prose pieces. She’s well known and greatly admired. She can out-walk me, too.







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One Response to Little Gift Shop on the Square

  1. Sue's Reviews, Articles, and News says:

    I haven’t been there since they opened. I guess I should visit soon.


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