Victoria and Albert Spoiler (with brownies)

I have been so enchanted by Victoria and Albert, the current series on PBS!  The characters are winning, they’re in love, kind to each other, growing in understanding and responsibility. I was happy tonight, and riding the train with Albert and Peel and then with Victoria, and admiring chocolate and embroidery—all sorts of wonderful sights and thoughts and emotions.  Happy. Then my husband, dear man, who adores the show, too, probably for some of the same reasons I do, said, “Well, when Albert dies . . .”  Spoiler. Spoiled. I felt like crying, though the couple’s first baby isn’t born yet and they’ll have nine.

I’ve been to the Albert and Victoria Museum; I’ve read the history. Death comes to us all, and for Albert that’s likely years in the future. And yet, it came into the living room in the midst of my enjoying this wonderful show.  Fortunately, I baked a double batch of brownies yesterday and will have some now. Miss Skerrett and her suitor Chef  Francatelli would recommend it.


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One Response to Victoria and Albert Spoiler (with brownies)

  1. Kathy M. says:

    I love the show too. On my trip to London a few years ago I went to the V&A museum. I could have spent weeks in there. I am an unremorseful anglofile. Ha! P.S. I was a student of yours in the 90’s. Got my degree in English. I’m a writer. Not published yet but a writer nonetheless. So glad I came across your blog. ❤🇬🇧

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