Does Belle Eat at the Banquet?

I saw Beauty and the Beast last night. The visuals and the audio were beautiful! Dan Stevens (from Downton Abbey) was a surprise, since I hadn’t read the credits. Nice surprise.

I wondered why, though, Belle didn’t eat during the grand meal prepared for her by the enchanted household. The wonder of the meal preparations and service kept my eyes and mind busy, but, still, I noticed that food was whisked away, or flew somewhere, or rolled off. Belle was certainly hungry—she had expressed so, and that’s why the meal was offered and provided. But she didn’t take a bite that I saw.  (If I missed it, please let me know.)

Belle did eat with the Beast in a charming, old-fashioned way that allowed them to be equal and comfortable—and full. Since so much entertainment occurred during the elaborate dinner, I wondered if the two meals were a deliberate contrast. The simple meal with someone dear was more nourishing.


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One Response to Does Belle Eat at the Banquet?

  1. Sue Nuckles says:

    The thing that always struck me about that movie was how quickly the seasons changed. I don’t remember the banquet. I haven’t seen that movie for several years (not since Storm was little. Zach never cared for movies like that.)

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