Possible Spoiler: A Ghost Story

Last night I watched A Ghost Story and experienced extreme shifts in anticipation and mood. At different times and to varying degrees, I felt romantic, dismayed, perplexed, hopeful, fearful, and then, joyous. That’s the feeling that lasted. I’m not certain I interpreted the movie right, but it was right for me, and so I’ll not read any reviews or responses until I’ve put down my thoughts.

On the surface, in one speech especially, the movie posits that what we do, even great works of art, are ultimately futile and puny, having no lasting effect in a world that will someday die. Death is the ultimate event. But the whole, the bits of the movie, suggests otherwise—that every small effort, act, feeling has an effect with bounds unknown and possibly unlimited. The movie is a beautiful affirmation of the human spirit, and the gift of one life to others. Scenes have to be reexamined, and that’s a pleasure. (Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara; Director, David Lowery)


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