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Warning: A Sappy Dog Story

Our dog Lily gives me a lot of grief. She’s an assertive dog, always vying with me, I assume, for the alpha female role in our household. She’s very wily and has a packet of one-up-manship moves. She delays obeying … Continue reading

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Humming Giraffes, Purring Cats, Loving Animals

I read Mark Trail panels in the Sunday comics yesterday and learned that giraffes, though they make no vocalizations when around humans, hum at night when they’re alone. (I guess video/audio surveillance captures this.) Scientists are exploring whether the hum … Continue reading

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Does “Taken” Mean “Killed” in Big Game Hunter Language?

Walter Palmer said he wouldn’t have “taken” Cecil the lion if he had known of Cecil’s special status. Even the first time I read this statement, I found it somehow inappropriate–strange, at least. Maybe it’s part of the big hunter jargon. … Continue reading

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Good Jack Hanna (a repost)

I’ve always liked Jack Hanna. He’s humorous, intelligent, camera proof, and animal lover extraordinaire. He was and is terribly shaken by the killing of Marius, the two-year old giraffe in the Copenhagen Zoo whose genes weren’t unique enough to warrant … Continue reading

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Groundhogs Can Climb

Until about five years ago, I believed groundhogs were truly ground animals. They tunneled (or burrowed) under houses, creating great animosity in some of my neighbors, who called the animal shelter gentleman and had the nuisances caught in a live … Continue reading

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Loving Attention: Lolly and Lucky

In the past year, we lost two beloved pets, Speeds, an indomitable spitz-type alpha female of small size and huge heart, and Lucky, a border collie of quiet, intense observation, fluid action, and incapacitating fear of thunderstorms, even when they … Continue reading

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