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Good Wishes for Melania

I cringe when anyone says something negative about Melania Trump, especially about her past. She’s married to Trump which makes her sympathetic in my view. She seems to be a good mother, is a bright woman, and is graceful. She … Continue reading

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I’m Voting for Hillary, but Speaking Now for Trump

Donald Trump’s statement a decade ago doesn’t offend me any more than similar language in contemporary times. I don’t like certain words used about women or their anatomy whether the words are in print, in movies, from rock stars, actors, … Continue reading

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Firing Roger Stone the Best Campaign Strategy Yet

I’ve been fascinated by Roger Stone’s thorough support of Donald Trump since being fired by Trump or since quitting Trump, whichever is true. I think both are true. I think they took turns in a few seconds so they could … Continue reading

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Stalking Points Investigation: Creating an Enemy

I’m glad to have read David Brook’s clear, point-by-point defense of someone in the Benghazi issue. I feel the constant charges and the digging for one more misrepresentation have one goal–to prove that Obama himself (or at least Clinton) was … Continue reading

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