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Last Week of Summer at UCM

Last week, which was the last week to this year’s summer, I visited Phong Nguyen’s Writing for Publication class. The students were generous in asking questions about The Universe Playing Strings and then we just discussed writing—whether or not to … Continue reading

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About Gary Cadwallader, Artist

This was worth working on–a Missouri Life article about artist Gary Cadwallader .  I’m very pleased to see it in print, and very grateful to Gary for trusting me to write it.

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Yea for Karen Dolley and Creative Anachronism

It’s good to know that our peculiar interests can save our lives. Karen Dolley defended herself with medieval combat training she received as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Kansas City Star carried the article but it’s … Continue reading

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In Praise of Keith Donohue, writer (a repost)

For about seven years I’ve been attempting to write fantasy. Since I’m too much a realist, my fantasy world hovers right on the border–not fantastical enough for lovers of fantasy and not realistic enough for another audience (maybe too realistic. … Continue reading

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Not a Book for Everyone: Adam Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son

At the book club I attend, the members don’t read the same book each month. Instead, they report on what they’ve read. Works get recommended and passed around, but many are simply passed over by the majority of the members. … Continue reading

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Trampoosing Blues in a Word

While researching for my dissertation, I encountered the word “trampoosing” in a personal letter by a president of either Harvard or Yale in its early years. He described his veritable door-to-door efforts to raise funds for his university as “trampoosing.” … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Language

Most of us have words we’re fond of, some for their meaning, some for their sound, some for the feel of them on the tongue, and some rare ones for all these pleasures at once. I like “cellardoor” and “pickle … Continue reading

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A T. C. Boyle Line or Two

I’ve been reading T. C. Boyle’s The Road to Wellville and am taken by surprise again and again by descriptions and phrases and even single words that make me pause–in appreciation and despair, the former at his power of language … Continue reading

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Yea! Brown Mountain Lights Under Study

The Brown Mountain Lights sighted in North Carolina’s Linville Gorge are prompting investigation. They may be “ball lighting,” according to astronomy professor Daniel Caton in “Mystery of the Orbs,” a report by Associated Press’s Tom Breen (Kansas City StarFebruary 27, … Continue reading

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The Compensation of Writing Fiction

Like Kristine, who states her opinion about the Amazon/Macmillan feud in “Bullies,” I have no quarrel with a publisher or a book seller making a profit. If they’re not in the business, my business is curtailed. Actually, being paid for … Continue reading

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