Is a Failed GOP Health Care Bill Trump’s Plan?

Is Trump counting on a NO vote for the GOP health bill? Is that win for him?  After all, Obamacare will survive, many people will be happy, he will have tried to fulfill his promise, and the GOP can work on the bill forever, while he goes on to other matters.   By insisting they vote and lose, he’s working both sides.  Maybe he can have his cake and eat it too. Win-Win.

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Does Belle Eat at the Banquet?

I saw Beauty and the Beast last night. The visuals and the audio were beautiful! Dan Stevens (from Downton Abbey) was a surprise, since I hadn’t read the credits. Nice surprise.

I wondered why, though, Belle didn’t eat during the grand meal prepared for her by the enchanted household. The wonder of the meal preparations and service kept my eyes and mind busy, but, still, I noticed that food was whisked away, or flew somewhere, or rolled off. Belle was certainly hungry—she had expressed so, and that’s why the meal was offered and provided. But she didn’t take a bite that I saw.  (If I missed it, please let me know.)

Belle did eat with the Beast in a charming, old-fashioned way that allowed them to be equal and comfortable—and full. Since so much entertainment occurred during the elaborate dinner, I wondered if the two meals were a deliberate contrast. The simple meal with someone dear was more nourishing.

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Good Wishes for Melania

I cringe when anyone says something negative about Melania Trump, especially about her past. She’s married to Trump which makes her sympathetic in my view. She seems to be a good mother, is a bright woman, and is graceful. She may have had to struggle greatly (and still be struggling) to be where she is. I’m glad Trump acknowledged her at the beginning of his debut address to Congress and extremely glad that the attendees applauded, at least the ones I saw did so. How she conducts herself as First Lady matters more than her past or her husband. Women, especially, should help her succeed.

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If a Staged Error, a Misguided Good Intent

I wish I had not added such positive note to the end of my previous Word Press post, so I’m expanding my comments.The Moonlight winners were diminished, whether the error was genuine or fake (I believe the latter). They didn’t get time to accept the award, to be poised and articulate. They had to scurry up and share the stage with the generous-hearted La La Land people. The final scene on stage is a lovely one from the togetherness angle, and, if planned, was likely well motivated. But look who had the most time center stage. I think there was a remark circulating Oscars night about a white man saving jazz in La La Land. This final scene has a bit of that not pleasant edge.

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Staged Error in Favor of Love and Peace

How could such a perfect ending to the Academy Awards be a mistake?  Surely someone (many) planned this.  La La Land actors and artists stayed on stage and joined success and hands and hugs with Moonlight actors and artists.  It was beautiful ending and combated the ugliness that has been spreading over the country. Good for for everyone involved. Good for us all.

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Victoria and Albert Spoiler (with brownies)

I have been so enchanted by Victoria and Albert, the current series on PBS!  The characters are winning, they’re in love, kind to each other, growing in understanding and responsibility. I was happy tonight, and riding the train with Albert and Peel and then with Victoria, and admiring chocolate and embroidery—all sorts of wonderful sights and thoughts and emotions.  Happy. Then my husband, dear man, who adores the show, too, probably for some of the same reasons I do, said, “Well, when Albert dies . . .”  Spoiler. Spoiled. I felt like crying, though the couple’s first baby isn’t born yet and they’ll have nine.

I’ve been to the Albert and Victoria Museum; I’ve read the history. Death comes to us all, and for Albert that’s likely years in the future. And yet, it came into the living room in the midst of my enjoying this wonderful show.  Fortunately, I baked a double batch of brownies yesterday and will have some now. Miss Skerrett and her suitor Chef  Francatelli would recommend it.

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Closed Caption Censorship

 I’ve been watching television shows with closed caption functions that make whispers audible and allow me to follow programs with no sound. On one television, the caption comes a little before the speech; on the other television, the caption is sometimes in sync with the lips, sometimes afterwards, sometimes skips sentences, frequently misspells or provides a guess word. I don’t believe a person is doing this, but I can’t understand how an electronic program could be.  The most interesting, funny, and somewhat alarming captions reveal a politically correct censorship–inappropriate sequences of letters are removed even when they’re a necessary part of a larger, innocuous word.  “Suspicious,” for example, is spelled like so: suxxxxious. I have always loved the English language (most languages, actually), the mystery and music of them, and the power, of course. Now the caption is a separate language within the one I know. I feel a subliminal instruction along with deconstruction. I’m so interested and amused that I follow the caption more closely than the show.

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