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For the Love of Books, Today One in Particular

Many books I’ve loved caught me with just a few words. I’m sure the conflict was at least hinted, but what hooked me was not the conflict. It was the draw of language and tone, authority or beauty, or both. … Continue reading

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Not a Book for Everyone: Adam Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son

At the book club I attend, the members don’t read the same book each month. Instead, they report on what they’ve read. Works get recommended and passed around, but many are simply passed over by the majority of the members. … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Language

Most of us have words we’re fond of, some for their meaning, some for their sound, some for the feel of them on the tongue, and some rare ones for all these pleasures at once. I like “cellardoor” and “pickle … Continue reading

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Ghosts of Plagiarism Past

This time of year, when the approaching holidays are accompanied by approaching final exams, grades, and sudden despair on the part of students (and occasionally teachers), one does well to take a lighter stance about student dishonesty. I’m saying this … Continue reading

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