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Possible Spoiler: A Ghost Story

Last night I watched A Ghost Story and experienced extreme shifts in anticipation and mood. At different times and to varying degrees, I felt romantic, dismayed, perplexed, hopeful, fearful, and then, joyous. That’s the feeling that lasted. I’m not certain … Continue reading

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The Web Ghosts

I’ve delved into the other world pretty heavily the past three years, researching ghosts, angels, demons, and the signatures of each.  These are subjects that require some delicacy in introducing, but I’ve found that most people, even dinner-companion strangers, have … Continue reading

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Yea! Brown Mountain Lights Under Study

The Brown Mountain Lights sighted in North Carolina’s Linville Gorge are prompting investigation. They may be “ball lighting,” according to astronomy professor Daniel Caton in “Mystery of the Orbs,” a report by Associated Press’s Tom Breen (Kansas City StarFebruary 27, … Continue reading

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Photo of a Ghost?

I took this photo a few years ago, and asked a friend to explain what showed up. He said the ghostly image was simply the camera’s flash against moisture in the air. The original photo was rotated 50 degrees to … Continue reading

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