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Stone, Cold, Sober, Thought

A friend, very bright and keen about language rules, recently advised me that “stone” is a noun and can’t be an adjective.  The reason: there’s no comparative form, such as stoner, stonest, more stone, most stone.  The proper designation for … Continue reading

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Possible Spoiler: A Ghost Story

Last night I watched A Ghost Story and experienced extreme shifts in anticipation and mood. At different times and to varying degrees, I felt romantic, dismayed, perplexed, hopeful, fearful, and then, joyous. That’s the feeling that lasted. I’m not certain … Continue reading

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Yea for Karen Dolley and Creative Anachronism

It’s good to know that our peculiar interests can save our lives. Karen Dolley defended herself with medieval combat training she received as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Kansas City Star carried the article but it’s … Continue reading

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Trampoosing Blues in a Word

While researching for my dissertation, I encountered the word “trampoosing” in a personal letter by a president of either Harvard or Yale in its early years. He described his veritable door-to-door efforts to raise funds for his university as “trampoosing.” … Continue reading

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The Web Ghosts

I’ve delved into the other world pretty heavily the past three years, researching ghosts, angels, demons, and the signatures of each.  These are subjects that require some delicacy in introducing, but I’ve found that most people, even dinner-companion strangers, have … Continue reading

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Plagiarism Continued

In an article on plagiarism in today’s New York Times, Stanley Fish recounts an incident in which he discovered his writing reproduced in another’s publication without his knowledge or permission. He goes on to discuss plagiarism as more a professional … Continue reading

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Tolkien Dream Bit

“It is true that Dream is not unconnected with Faërie. In dreams strange powers of the mind may be unlocked” (Tolkien, Tree and Leaf, 14.)

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