Heads Up! Anyone Find the Wrong Treat in Beggin’ Strips?

We discovered this morning that the package of Purina Beggin Strips we purchased held a different treat, something similar to a pig-in-the-blanket.  I took photos of the packaging and the contents, then called the 800 number provided.   My intent was just to advise someone of the problem and then to return the package to WalMart and get the right product.  Of course the call took longer than I was prepared for, but the representative was pleasant and quick enough.  She requested bar code number, packaging number, description of the item, and place purchased. That was easy.  But now, rather than exchanging the package, we’re to send them two cups of the contents. Purina will send a prepaid mail-in container, which will arrive in 10 to 14 days.  We’ll see this through, and keep the bag and contents and send Purina what they need to determine what occurred and where. We weren’t seeking a refund. I’d pay that small amount again to avoid the niggling steps.  BUT.  If it were poisonous or in someone else’s hands, I’d want them to take the steps to get it identified and off the shelves.  Also, I’d rather others know before two or more weeks.  So, heads up!.


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3 Responses to Heads Up! Anyone Find the Wrong Treat in Beggin’ Strips?

  1. Sue's Reviews, Articles, and News says:

    I’ll guess you will get coupons from Purina for at least one free replacement bag. They will want to keep you as a loyal customer.

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    • rmkinder says:

      I think you’re right. It would have been much easier, though, to have just taken it back to WalMart. Couldn’t do it! Thanks for the comment.

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    • rmkinder says:

      They wanted me to fill out a survery, and I did. I explained that I hadn’t wanted the coupons. I would have preferred a container to sent the sample in without having to find a box, address it, go to the post office, etc. Next time, I’ll just take the product back to the store.

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